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Apper Snags 1st Place in AWS GameDay

Apper Snags 1st Place in AWS Game Day

*Photo from AWS GameDay website

The Apper team snatched the top place on the recently concluded Amazon Web Services GameDay Partner League!

Apper’s DevSecOps Engineering team was one of more than 15 contenders from the Asia Pacific region, Australia, and the UK. The teams were asked to migrate a website of a fictional company called Unicorn.Rentals.

Apper Snags 1st Place in AWS Game Day

What you need to know about AWS GameDay

It’s a fun, gamified, hands-on method of learning.

GameDay is a cooperative learning activity that evaluates abilities to use AWS solutions to address real-world issues in a gamified, risk-free setting. The chance for technical experts to learn about AWS services, architecture patterns, best practices, and teamwork is entirely hands-on.

Compared to other learning formats, AWS’ strategy is unusual. Teams are given the freedom to explore creatively as they tackle a variety of technological obstacles thanks to ambiguity and non-prescriptive instruction. Teams create their own paths based on the resources we give them in active AWS accounts; there is no one correct answer. You’ve come to the right place if you like problems with open-ended solutions and no clear directions.

Apper Snags 1st Place in AWS Game Day

Fictitious Narrative: Unicorn.Rentals New Hires

Congratulations on your new position at Unicorn.Rentals! We are the largest provider of mythical creatures in the world, fulfilling the needs of parents who have caved to their childrens’ demands of temporary use of a unicorn.

As part of our dominance of the Legendary Animal Rental Market (LARM), we understand the importance of our human capital and invest heavily in training programs for our growing team of technical experts. This will be a new hire orientation that you will never forget!

Apper Snags 1st Place in AWS Game Day

Apper takes advantage of AWS GameDay

Introduced in 2021. AWS Service Delivery, AWS Service Ready, AWS Competency, and AWS Managed Service Provider Programs are differentiation programs offered by the AWS Partner Network (APN), which also includes AWS GameDay Benefits for AWS Partners. As rewards for their accomplishments in the AWS Partner Differentiation Program, partners can select either the AWS GameDay League, the AWS GameDay Quests Developer Kit (QDK), or both through AWS GameDay Benefits. The top benefits demanded of AWS Partners who take part in Differentiation Programs are higher levels of technical enablement, direct access to AWS experts, and quality leads. All three are provided via AWS GameDay Benefits for Partners. In exchange for their efforts to obtain technical validation through our programs, AWS GameDay Benefits provide partners concrete value-added opportunities.

Teams from international partner firms compete against one another in practical technical challenges as part of the AWS GameDay League to develop new cloud skill capabilities. A major advantage is GameDay League. Corey Brunisholz, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Presidio said, “GameDay League is a top benefit. It allows us to promote our AWS expertise to customers, and it’s a learning environment we need to retain the best and brightest cloud talent.”

Their League scouts will email invitations to League tournaments to your alliance lead and technical employees as soon as your firm receives an AWS Service Ready, Service Delivery, Competency, or MSP Program classification. Fans can follow AWS GameDay on Twitter and subscribe to the AWS GameDay Twitch channel.


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