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Here’s What You Missed on PH Startup Week 2021

PH Startup Week 2021

The Next Phase: Innovating on the Cloud in 2021 and Beyond

In recognition of empowered Filipino startups’ resiliency in the face of the pandemic, the Philippine Startup Week 2021, the country’s large-scale collaborative, held its 5-day virtual conference from November 15-19. This year, the PHSW conference highlights the emerging local startup ecosystem as a beacon of optimism for post-pandemic recovery and long-term growth.

Apper is proud to be a Community Partner of the Philippine Startup Week 2021. On its 4th day, November 18, 2021, Apper hosted The Next Phase: Cloud Innovation in 2021 and Beyond to help startup founders on how they can leverage cloud computing for innovation.

Here are some valuable insights from Apper’s exceptional founders, in case you missed them.

PH Startup Week 2021

Why should you innovate on the Cloud?

Patrick Zulueta, Co-founder and Director of Growth of, shared his insights on how fintechs and SMBs can still innovate while striving to improve customer experience while maintaining their brand’s security.

  • As COVID-19 crisis in 2020 plunged the economy into recession, the revolution of startup businesses has opened a new path for innovation. The 2020s will then be known as The Decade of Digitally Conscious Customers.
  • Forbes’ Digital Brand Trends featured that 68% of customers have elevated their expectations on firms’ responsiveness towards digitalization. Companies that allowed their customers to drive innovation efforts performed much better during the disruptions in 2020, according to Pulse Survey of Harvard Business Review.
  • Innovation leaders who have achieved significant outcomes on customer innovation set the trend: to embark on the 3-track approach: the people, process, and technology.
  • The cloud is capable of maximizing your resources, allowing your business to be more flexible and adaptive. In fact, an AWS survey showed that top corporations that migrated to the cloud experienced cost savings, increased employee productivity, better operational resilience, and business agility.
  • A flexible cloud infrastructure enabled fintechs such as PayMaya, Cashalo, BPI, to thrive while retaining security and resiliency.
  • The significance of striking a balance between customer experience and innovation in nurturing loyalty to startup businesses cannot be underestimated.

Cloud Computing for Aspiring Startup Founders

Diwa del Mundo, Co-Founder and Principal Cloud Architect of Apper Digital, shared his acumen on leveraging cloud computing for innovation and how businesses can thrive during the pandemic.

  • The cloud isn’t a brand new technology; it has been around for ages. In fact, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been in the business for almost 15 years now.
  • Cloud Computing Services come with 5 different types: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Application and Integration Services, Function as a Service (FaaS).
  • AWS revolutionized the way businesses operate due to its unwavering digital innovations and flexible services. From less than 25 services in 2011, AWS now offers at least 212 cloud services. Now you can do more than just a cloud infrastructure using their AWS Management Console with just a mouse click or an API call away.
  • Security, government, and compliance aren’t a problem. AWS is regulated by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
  • Wondering how you can start the cloud journey?

    – For the startup founders: understand cloud economics, shift to a consumption model (OPEX), and build your organization’s capability.

    – For the executive and technology leader: Harness the power of automation, re-architect to serverless or container technologies, and explore machine learning for innovation.

  • Technology trends you should keep an eye on: the most anticipated 5G along with the country’s first cloud region, edge computing, hybrid architectures, AI/ML, and more IoT devices!

The cloud is more than just an infrastructure; it is a game changer for digital innovation.

Do not let this amazing breakthrough pass you by!

If you want to learn more on how you can start your cloud journey for your startup business, talk to us.


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