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Incredible Insights From This Year’s PH Tech Week

PH Tech Week 2021

In celebration of the milestones achieved in the local tech scene, Apper Digital graciously took an active role as a silver sponsor in the recently concluded Tech Week 2021.

This event brings together the best of the global tech community to explore how technology can be utilized to tackle some of the world’s toughest business, social, and environmental challenges.

In case you missed it, there were two pocket events hosted by Apper: Tech Career Paths for Women in Tech was held last May 18, 2021 followed three days later by Upskill Initiatives on Innovating with the Cloud.

Tech Career Paths for Women In Tech

Led by three of Apper’s strong female leaders, Timyas del Mundo, Mosselle Cruz, and Wesly Kate Talan shared their insights on what it takes to be a woman in the tech industry. They each recalled the beginnings and the highlight reel of their career journey spanning a combined 20 years of experience in a bid to inspire women who are planning to pursue their careers in the field of technology.

Moselle, AWS Cloud Practitioner, Marketing & Partnerships Lead: “The key to career growth is GRIT. Persevere and be brave. The world is changing before our very own eyes.”

Moselle explained that as more and more women are taking charge in leading the tech business, the present becomes a perfect opportunity for aspirants to navigate their careers to grow and scale, ride the wave, and make things happen.

Timyas del Mundo, Director of Finance and People: “Life is a continuous learning.

Everyday is an opportunity to learn. One need not fear to take detours on the journey to their career path. Take certificate courses, learn from peers, challenge oneself and dare the risks.

Wesley Talan, Social Architect: “Studying the cloud is a tough process but worth it.”

Despite the fast-paced environment of tech, do not be afraid to be a beginner because we live in a continuous learning cycle. It pays to have a mindset of a student because there lies a great opportunity in the continuous hunger for growth.

All three leaders agreed that indeed, technology strengthens security, efficiency and disaster recovery. This is a timely point considering the pandemic we are currently in.

Upskill Initiatives on Innovating with the Cloud

Apper’s co-founders Diwa del Mundo and Pat Zulueta shared their cloud journey and provided key insights on how to best innovate on the cloud.

  1. Cloud is a bleeding edge technology.
  2. AWS had less than 25 services in 2011. By 2016, this now expanded to 60 services. This is a testament to the ever-evolving capacity of AWS as a cloud innovation partner.
  3. Late 2010s: cloud is the new normal. Cloud technology is matured and accepted due to specialized services such as machine learning which enable companies to understand recommendations, predictions, forecasting, computer vision, and natural language.
  4. The 2020s. Cloud computing has now become the most competitive trend because of edge computing and bringing hardware closer to users along with 5G devices.
  5. Insights are important to distinguish your product from the competition. It allows you to develop your brand’s x-factor. What should you prioritize? Decide.
  6. As you drive efforts on innovations for monetization, you are evolving your customer experience as well. Read more about this here.
  7. Find a partner who can help you. A reliable and trustworthy partner is key to achieving those results.

The team also shared Apper’s newest program offering. In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apper has assembled the Startup On The Cloud program with a running theme of, “Startup on the Cloud: Unlock your innovation potential with Apper” to help drive a startup’s growth and stability.

The goal of the campaign is to increase engagement and customer acquisition especially for tech startups who are in the earlier stages of their cloud journey. They may be experiencing a lack of time to focus on innovation with limited in-house resources and need a strong ROI to justify new investments of tech infrastructure. They are currently in the process of discovering and exploring the wonderful features of the cloud. Startup on the Cloud aims to ignite interest from tech startups who are yet to commit to cloud, and expand the opportunity with those who currently have adopted cloud but only in a limited capacity.

The campaign will answer this need by showing how the cloud can enhance their ability to innovate and scale.

What’s in it for startups?

The Program Benefits include:
  • Discounted rates on Apper’s Engage and Manage services
  • Bonus coaching (training) programs and sessions care-of Apper and AWS
  • Possible sponsoring of cloud billing credits for proof of concept*
  • Growth opportunities: dedicated case study and press release after the project’s success

For more updates, stay tuned in our blog and join Apper’s upcoming webinar entitled “Building Your Innovation Roadmap”.

If you want to learn more about the Startup On The Cloud program, talk to us.

Isabel Pablo, Contributing Writer

Isabel Pablo

Contributing Writer

There is a tune in her head that only in writing can she dance to. Bound by clarity and purpose, Isabel is a storyteller by profession. She dare asks, What is your story? How can it be told?


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