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with AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation allows users to deploy and manage resources or infrastructure in the AWS cloud environment by defining them as code in a text file in JSON/YAML format. It is the AWS service intended to implement the practice called Infrastructure as Code.
AWS CloudFormation helps you with resource modeling by specifying them in a template to create, update or delete resources as a single AWS stack. You can go from creating resources from the console to automating complicated architecture on-demand with AWS CloudFormation.

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Why use AWS CloudFormation?

Improve automation

The template's simplicity allows you to describe how you want your resources to appear and integrate with other AWS resources and features. It is no longer necessary to use other scripting tools to produce the resources.

Human-readable template

If you're working on a web application or a microservice, you've probably used YAML or JSON before. They are both commonly used configuration languages in IT, making them simple to comprehend and get information about resources on a particular stack.

Consistency in infrastructure

The declarative approach to template definition ensures consistency. The stacks produced with the template will always be the same at any given time unless you update and declare a new version of it.

Replicate infrastructure quickly

You can swiftly clone your infrastructure, recreating your dev, test, staging, and production environments. You can use the template to make as many stacks as you want.

How does AWS CloudFormation helps your infrastructure?

Traditionally, infrastructure administrators have done resource provisioning by hand. Manual methods have a number of drawbacks, including:

  • They are more expensive because they need human resources that may otherwise be used for more critical corporate purposes. Human error causes inconsistency, resulting in deviations from configuration standards.
  • Limiting the speed at which your business can release new versions of services in response to client requests and market factors results in a lack of agility.
  • Due to the lack of repeatable processes, it is difficult to achieve and maintain compliance with corporate or industry standards.

End-to-end E2E AWS CloudFormation Infrastructure-as-Code by Apper

Apper can help you implement your entire application stack in AWS CloudFormation end-to-end to increase your operational efficiency, increase cloud security posture, and reduce application bugs.

Software engineering time is costly and should be spent on tasks that give business value. Minimizing the time spent on maintenance, software heavy lifting, and infrastructure configuration increases software delivery velocity. Automating end-to-end infrastructure provisioning (compute, storage, network, and database) aligns application environments. Provisioning cloud resources can be automated using AWS CloudFormation for consistent, reliable, reproducible, and version-able infrastructure.

Open Source AWS CloudFormation Templates

AWS CloudFormation makes provisioning and managing AWS resources easier. You can create templates for the service or application architectures you want, and AWS CloudFormation will use those templates to provision the services or applications quickly and reliably. organization authored Free and Open Source AWS CloudFormation Templates. This collection of base AWS CloudFormation templates contains code examples of AWS CloudFormation templates used to provision specific AWS resources and group of collective templates to solve a particular use case.

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