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What makes the A-Team: a look into the Apper culture

What makes the A-Team: a look into the Apper culture

The pursuit of innovation is never easy, and it takes a village to make the change. As a multicloud solutions provider, Apper’s team of certified experts are always ready to transform businesses that are ready to take on The New Normal. In a world that’s currently at the forefront of sweeping change, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and we are just getting started.

In a previous article, we’ve introduced our company and our vision to bring the cloud to all. This time, we’ll get a little personal. Take a peek into how we run things at Apper, and discover the hearts and minds that keep the spirit of digital innovation alive.

A team built on trust and ownership

With innovation at the heart of everything we do, we don’t shy away from building our team with talents that can help shape the future of Philippine business through cloud computing solutions. This is why we focus on keeping our team young, dynamic, and absolutely tech-savvy: we believe that innovation rises when we let go of old notions and practices, and that applies to the attitude we exhibit in the industry.

As such, Apper is no stranger to the quirks and sensibilities of the startup world. Our flexibility allows us to be one of the few companies that work on a 100% home-based setup, even before the pandemic. Before restrictions settled in, we usually met once or twice a week just to bond over drinks and good food. Today, we meet virtually just like everyone else, but our goal remains the same: to ensure that everyone is in sync in the best way they can.

A digital enclave of young innovators

Leading Apper is our President and Co-founder, Diwa del Mundo, who is not only a corporate executive but an expert in his own right—helping pioneer the fintech and cloud computing market in the Philippines with over 15 years of experience.

One of his landmark contributions to the industry was his mission-critical role in PayMaya, a leading payments processing solution in the country. He and his team helped build their digital payments ecosystem, PayMaya Enterprise, which serves as the company’s biggest revenue generator until today. He currently holds the most number of cloud badges in the country with 10 cloud certifications, 5 of which are from AWS.

Patrick Zulueta, Co-founder and Director of Marketing

Next up is our Director of Marketing and Co-founder, Patrick Zulueta, whose passion for building tech brands has helped him launch and achieve millions of downloads and triple digit revenues within the first two years for some of the country’s major brands: from Cashalo, to PayMaya, and BPI Mobile.

With more than a decade of experience in marketing strategy, branding, and marketing communications, Patrick helps push the idea that Apper drives innovations that can ultimately help businesses improve their core offerings through the power of cloud computing. Together with the rest of the team, they lead Apper in bridging the gap between the country’s technology and development expertise.

Timyas del Mundo, Strategy and FInance Manager of

We also have Timyas del Mundo, Apper’s Director of Finance. Timyas is a business professional with a demonstrated history of working in Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Shopee, and IBM. She earned her Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Asian Institute of Management in 2017 under the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program.

A new dimension to team building

What makes the A-Team: a look into the Apper culture

As a remotely operating company, traditional methods of establishing camaraderie among team members are simply out of our league. While nothing beats physical meetups to really get to know one another, we maximize the technologies we champion and apply it to ourselves as a proof-of-concept: to show that even cloud computing can be used to make team building a possibility, especially in today’s reality.

Our take on company-wide performance incentives, Virtual Pakains, is a small token of appreciation we share with our team members whenever the company achieves successes and wins, further motivating everyone to contribute to our business goals. We also schedule virtual Mystery Manila sessions for fun and engaging sessions. When we need to stretch our mental muscles (and physical also it seems!) a bit more then we schedule off-site Tech Talks through Kart Racing as a way to exchange ideas– while following social distancing measures of course.

What makes the A-Team: a look into the Apper culture

Our team at Apper is a small village of innovators who are dedicated to bringing the cloud to all. We are proud to be a living example of a business that embodies transformative change that not only applies to the way we work, but also with the way we communicate and bond with our team members. Through our setup, we aim to inspire other businesses that whatever step they may take in switching to innovations like the cloud, whether big or small, can have a profound impact on their operations.

This forward-thinking culture makes the A-Team different, and our team is ready for brands which need our expert assistance to take them to the future.

Mosselle Louise Cruz

Sales and Marketing

Mosselle is an experienced tech startup country launcher and marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and Tech Startup industry. She has helped ASEAN tech brands expand to the Philippines since 2015. She has worked with FinTech and HRTech startups during their early phases, setting up groundwork for the local teams to drive growth and jumpstart operations.

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