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Technology has truly transformed the way we do business today. What we were all used to calling a fast-paced digital world is now a new kind of normal: where a global pandemic has further accelerated the adoption of digital innovation, paving the way for digital transformation.

Living in a vastly different reality as compared to the year before made businesses realize the value of using technology to adapt to changing times. If working from home and social distancing is a trend that may last longer as we continue living in quarantine, a deep rethinking of technology’s role on how businesses operate is crucial in these unprecedented times.

At Apper, bringing innovation to all is at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to help take Filipino brands to the next level through the power of cloud computing: a core technology that not only redefines the way businesses operate, but paves the way for businesses to survive and thrive in the new normal.

We are apper

Why ‘the cloud’, and why Apper?

Cloud computing has long been an established technology that allows businesses on-demand access to computer system resources and computing power via the internet. This signaled the shift from traditional, legacy ways of computing to a modernized system that allows flexibility, agility, and greater cost-efficiency for businesses with evolving computing demands.

What makes cloud technology compelling is its utmost versatility — its vast and almost limitless applications, along with its ability to allocate resources better based on business requirements. This makes the cloud a logical next step for a business looking to adapt, scale, and grow in the new normal.

The concepts and processes of cloud computing can be daunting for many business owners. This is where Apper comes in: we cut through the clutter and bridge the knowledge gap, allowing business owners to maximize their cloud tech so they can focus more on the things that matter more to them, especially their core operations.

apper Business Pillars

The pillars that fortify a future-ready business

At Apper, we understand that different businesses have different needs, and that everyone is on different levels of their cloud investment and expertise. We also see that implementing, managing, and maintaining servers and infrastructure can be a daunting task for any organization. By merging strategy and delivery, we provide a unique opportunity for clients to improve their core businesses through our three brand pillars: Engage, Coach, and Manage.

apper engage

Discover the best solutions for your business with Engage

Deciding to shift and migrate to the cloud is a big decision for any business owner. There are many factors to consider in beginning their cloud tech journey. This is where Apper can help with Engage, our brand focused on consulting. We guide our partners and make it easier for them to make decisions on their investments, leaving them to focus more on their digital innovations. We offer the following service:

Cloud Architecture and Migration

We don’t just help our partners migrate and manage their business operations in the cloud, but we also help design, architect, build workloads and applications. From DevOps to Business Strategy, we got you covered.

More details can be found at the Engage page at our website.

Equip your workforce and bridge the knowledge gap with Coach

A key driver for a successful cloud computing investment is a well-equipped IT workforce capable of understanding and managing the systems well to maximize your ROI. Through the Coach brand, Apper goes beyond training, through a variety of courses on different cloud technologies taught by our very own certified cloud architects and engineers. Here are some of the classes we currently offer, which cover multicloud platforms like Amazon Web Services or AWS, Google Cloud Platform or GCP, and Microsoft Azure:

MLCD – Machine Learning for Cloud Developers
MLEP – Machine Learning Engineering Program

In depth details can be found on our Courses page.

Let our team of certified experts do the work for you with Manage

If you’ve already made investments in cloud computing and are looking for a partner who can manage them, then our team of experts are more than capable of doing the job. We have extensive experience in architecting, building, and securing cloud platforms and applications, giving you the peace of mind and the extra resources to focus on your core business.

We have three simple options for you to choose from:

Build and Migrate – We can easily implement and migrate apps to the cloud, supercharging your business operations.

Run and Operate – Let us manage your existing products and services running on the cloud, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Optimize and Monitor – Allow us to optimize your cloud solutions and architecture, maximizing your investment with greater efficiency.

With four easy pricing options starting at Php 25,000 a month for a Basic plan, it’s easier than ever to make the shift to the cloud with Manage. View the rest of the plans on our Manage page.

Our brand pillars exemplify our commitment to bringing the country’s businesses to the cloud. But don’t take our word for it: our current clients and partners like Globe, Yondu, Beauty MNL, and Advance have entrusted us and our multicloud solutions to help them accelerate their business.

Times are changing yet again, and as businesses all over the world continue to shift as a response to recent times, we all face the challenge of adapting to survive. At Apper, we are dedicated to ensuring that no enterprise is left behind when it comes to accelerating their digital transformation through the wonders of cloud technologies. Are you ready to take the leap?

Transform your business with digital innovations and contact us today.

Mosselle Louise Cruz

Sales and Marketing

Mosselle is an experienced tech startup country launcher and marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and Tech Startup industry. She has helped ASEAN tech brands expand to the Philippines since 2015. She has worked with FinTech and HRTech startups during their early phases, setting up groundwork for the local teams to drive growth and jumpstart operations.

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