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The A-Team in 2021: Redefining the Work from Home Culture

The A-Team in 2021: Redefining the Work from Home Culture

A team built on trust and ownership

With innovation at the heart of everything we do, we don’t shy away from building our team with talents that can help shape the future of Philippine business through cloud computing solutions.

This is why we focus on keeping our team young, dynamic, engaged and absolutely tech-savvy: we believe that innovation rises when we let go of old notions and practices, and that applies to the attitude we exhibit in the industry.

Apper is no stranger to the quirks and sensibilities of the startup world. Our flexibility allows us to be one of the few companies that work on a 100% home-based setup, long before the pandemic made it the norm. Before restrictions settled in, the team gathered once or twice a week just to bond over drinks and good food. Today, we meet virtually just like everyone else, but our goal remains the same: to ensure that everyone is in sync in the best way they can.

The People Department

We understand how important the role that members of our team play in achieving our common goals for our company and for our clients. This is why it is our priority to ensure that everyone maintains their physical and mental well being in their top form especially amidst uncertain times.

In order to boost team morale and maintain high levels of engagement and productivity, Apper has put together a wellness program to encourage holistic mental health awareness and growth. Part of the program are additional benefits to take care of each team member’s mental health through weekly checks and mental health awareness workshops. Also, team members who feel that they need professional mental health services can get support from the management as well as schedule one-on-one sessions with the People support group. We also provide fitness refreshers along with Fri-Yay sessions held through Zoom so the team can still bond virtually. Apper also sends care packages for our team in a bid to help fight the persistent threat of the pandemic and encourage them to look after their health. Lastly, we also hold FUN Town Hall meetings where we not only discuss team highlights and updates, but openly discuss things we are passionate about outside work as well. This provides an opportunity for us to understand one another and recognize the team for their hard work and contribution.

The Apper Team Q2 Town Hall

As much as Apper is an organization that aims to connect businesses with our cloud software solutions, it is our goal to connect people with one another too. We take an active approach that encourages a culture of support, transformation and understanding. It is this culture that attracts the right talent of innovators to our team and brings in the right clients who identify with our core values. We characterize our culture as our brand’s personality. It also gives our team a driving goal and an even bigger purpose for the hard work that they do.

We are proud to be a living example of a business that embodies and lives up to the idea of transformative change. This not only translates to the way we work, but also with the way we communicate and bond with our team members. With this set up, it is our hope to inspire other businesses, whether big or small, who dream of switching to innovations to look at how culture and engagement can have a profound impact on their operations.

This forward-thinking culture and organically fun dynamic makes the A-Team different, and our team is ready for brands who would need our expert assistance to take them to the future.

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