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How Machine Learning is shaping 2020 and beyond

How Machine Learning is shaping 2020 and beyond

As we continue to face disruptions in business operations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation among many businesses remains to be a solid trend moving forward. The shift to the cloud to outsource business operations in an effort to mitigate travel restrictions and enforce social distancing was expected, but there are deeper implications to the transformation process beyond simply going Digital and considering cloud computing.

Machine Learning (ML), and Data Analytics are the key drivers to innovation in any business transformation effort, and this year sees interesting applications for such technologies. Our observations—and learnings from these 2020 trends can spell out how ML and AI can help your own business thrive in a current and post-COVID-19 world.

Machine Learning: Overview and Key Trends

Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a technology that sets up computer algorithms that improve over time. The algorithms are fed with initial “sample” data, and in turn are “trained” to create predictions and outcomes on their own, without much human input or intervention. One of the most practical consumer applications of ML technology can be found in many consumer email platforms, where systems are trained to spot spam, which only then improves over time as you determine which emails are harmful and which ones are acceptable.

The potential in machine learning technology spells big things for business, especially those involved in data science. Combined with cloud technology, it enables you to do even more with your operations, making your business more agile than it was before. This year is no different, especially considering the changes the world is currently experiencing under the pandemic. An article from Mobidev highlights the following trends, some of which we’re featuring here:.

Machine Learning and KYC

Machine Learning will allow your business to quickly capture data to automate your KYC verification process. Machine Learning can successfully extract key information making it easier for your end users.

Personalization through Machine Learning

Machine Learning’s algorithm can help make personalized recommendations to your users based on their activities on your platform. Improve your customer engagement through targeted marketing promotions and start seeing your sales grow month on month.

Machine Learning for Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning recognizes fraud patterns on the spot. Online banking and e-wallets use this technology to detect suspicious activity. This protects not only the end users, but the company’s overall reputation when it comes to security and privacy.

COVID-19 Machine Learning solutions

Various countries are using AI and ML to create smart and agile systems to measure, track, and trace people in highly mobile areas including airports, hospitals, and other facilities. These are just some of the proactive measures being done to help fight the spread of the coronavirus, which serves as a lesson on how ML can be used to quickly adapt and solve problems.

Machine Learning in Business Forecasts

If you’re in the business of big data, then ML-based time series analysis is right in your alley. The technology is now used to forecast business outcomes by doing all the heavy lifting in processing complex calculations and statistical operations over time. While it is still being researched and developed as a whole, the potential is there for industry use.

AutoML or Automated Machine Learning

Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning recognizes fraud patterns on the spot. Online banking and e-wallets use this technology to detect suspicious activity. This protects not only the end users, but the company’s overall reputation when it comes to security and privacy.

Getting up to speed with Machine Learning

You can invest in ML-enhanced cloud computing solutions by availing of our Engage and Manage services. But if you want to help your IT staff build the right skills to manage and implement ML workloads, our mentorship brand Coach is a great way to get them certified. Our mentorship program takes a different approach to learning: we believe in guided experiences in small groups, and not general classroom teachings.

Professionals who choose to avail of our programs get the necessary skills and training to be certified in their cloud solutions provider of choice, and the discipline they need to master. Aside from the skills and expertise gained, this is also beneficial to their own career as IT professionals, giving them the credibility and confidence to implement and manage machine learning cloud solutions. Currently, our Coach brand at Apper has two Machine Learning courses available: < MLCD > – Machine Learning for Cloud Developers and < MLEP > – Machine Learning Engineering Program. You may find out more about these programs on our Coach page.

It is an interesting time to see how Machine Learning is impacting and shaping our world today, and we are excited for the opportunities it may bring to businesses such as yours. Whether you want to enhance your current cloud computing infrastructure or equip your own IT staff with competitive ML skills from our Coach program, we got you covered over at Apper. Talk to us today.

Mosselle Louise Cruz

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Mosselle is an experienced tech startup country launcher and marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and Tech Startup industry. She has helped ASEAN tech brands expand to the Philippines since 2015. She has worked with FinTech and HRTech startups during their early phases, setting up groundwork for the local teams to drive growth and jumpstart operations.

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