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Introducing CloudSchool: A Revolutionary Learning Program for aspiring Cloud Professionals


The rapid pace of technological advancements and evolving best practices make it challenging for organizations to find skilled cloud experts. The shortage of capable cloud industry experts can be attributed to a skills gap. Traditional IT professionals may lack the specific knowledge and hands-on experience required to effectively leverage cloud services. Cloud computing requires a different set of skills, including knowledge of cloud platforms (e.g., AWS), infrastructure as code, containerization, serverless computing, and security in the cloud.

The availability and accessibility of comprehensive cloud computing training and education programs play a crucial role in addressing the skills gap. Organizations and individuals should invest in training programs, certifications, and hands-on experience to develop the necessary cloud computing expertise. Initiatives like CloudSchool aim to bridge this gap by providing targeted training and upskilling opportunities.

With this, Apper is thrilled to announce the official launch of CloudSchool — an innovative learning program that aims to transform and empower learners and bridge the gap by providing targeted training and upskilling opportunities for IT professionals. CloudSchool combines cutting-edge technology, personalized learning experiences, and a vast library of educational resources to deliver a comprehensive and accessible learning experience.

CloudSchool Launch Day at the AWS Philippines Office

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, CloudSchool sets a new standard for upskilling on the cloud. Whether students are looking to supplement their current expertise, pursue their interests, or acquire new skills, CloudSchool provides a flexible and engaging learning experience tailored to their needs.

Key Features of CloudSchool:

  1. Interactive Learning Tools: CloudSchool leverages advanced technology to provide interactive learning tools such as virtual labs, simulations, and multimedia content, fostering active engagement and deeper understanding.
  2. Expert Instructors: CloudSchool partners with experienced instructors and industry experts who are passionate about the cloud. These instructors bring their expertise to the program providing high-quality instruction and guidance to students.
  3. Collaborative Learning: CloudSchool fosters collaboration among learners through discussion, group projects, and interactive activities, enhancing their social learning experience.
  4. Comprehensive Resource Library: CloudSchool offers a vast library of educational resources, including videos, quizzes, and supplementary materials, enhancing the learning journey and providing additional support.

With this, Apper’s President and CEO Diwa del Mundo explains the value and impact of CloudSchool:

“IT professionals need to continuously upskill to keep up with the ever changing landscape of technology and business. We created CloudSchool to enable professionals, career shifters, and life long learners to participate in the exciting world of cloud computing.”

CloudSchool aims to break down barriers to cloud education by making quality learning accessible to learners. The program caters to schools, universities, organizations, and individual learners seeking flexible and inclusive cloud solutions and professional growth.

To learn more about CloudSchool and start your learning journey, visit

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